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Coverage for your facility

There are several things that make the self storage business different from other businesses. Deans & Homer offers several important insurance coverages in our self storage policy that are not found in other policies.

Customers Goods Legal Liability is one of these specialized coverages. Even though a self storage operator is not held to the same standard of responsibility as a warehouseman for a customer's stored property, an operator can sometimes be held liable for loss to customers' property. This liability exposure is excluded by most standard small business policies. Coverage is provided by our policy and includes defense and legal costs. Limits are available up to $1,000,000.

Another specialized coverage offered through Deans & Homer is Sale and Disposal Liability Coverage. The law of most states recognizes the self storage operator's right to take possession of and sell a customer's property if the customer fails to pay rent for the storage unit. However, if the self storage operator does not follow all of the proper legal steps of notification and sale according to the law, the operator can be held liable for damages. This is a growing area of litigation in the self storage industry, and due to the wide range of goods stored, the penalties for conversion can be high. Limits are offered for this coverage up to $1,000,000.

These are just two of the specialty coverages available in our Self Storage Policy. For more complete information, please review the policy form.

Coverage for your customers

We have a variety of products to assist you, the facility owner, in protecting yourself from loss and providing your tenants with valuable protection on their stored goods. The size of your facility, your location, and your desire to offer protection to your tenants will guide you to the plan that fits your needs best. Please review the following options, then give us a call today to start one of these programs at your facility.

Customer Storage Protection Plan

This is our newest product for the Self Storage industry and is available in most states. We recommend this product for any facility owner who has purchased Self Storage facility insurance through Deans & Homer. It is also available to larger owners with a number of qualifying facilities. We provide you with an insurance product to cover your exposure to liability you choose to assume through your Rental Agreement-Protection Agreement. The program can provide you with a competitive edge by allowing you to offer an additional service to your customers while enhancing your rental income and thus the resale value of your property. The Customer Storage Protection Agreement program is tailored to your risk assumption appetite and gives you the an opportunity to enhance your revenue.

If you are interested in this product, please call Chris Betteridge in our Phoenix office at (480) 210-6111.

Mail-in or Online

This product is available in most states and does not involve you in the insurance process at all. We provide you with brochures to give to your customers who then sign up for insurance coverage at our website ( or by mailing in the brochure. You are not involved in the transaction, do not need a license, and do not receive any commission.

To learn more, call our Storage Division toll free at (800) 847-9999.

To re-order supplies for the mail-in program, please download our order form and fax it to (626) 578-0225.