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Frequently asked questions

Can I pay my bill by credit or debit card?

You can. We don't currently offer payment through our website, but you can call our accounting department at (800) 345-2054 to get set up.

Can I pay my bill directly from my checking account?

Yes. Go to our Electronic Funds Transfer page to sign up.

What payment options are available?

Deans & Homer offers annual, semi-annual, and quarterly payment plans. A $4 installment fee is charged in most states for semi-annual and quarterly payments. Your agent can help you choose a payment plan or help you finance your policy.

How long do I have to pay my bill?

Premium is due on the effective date of the policy or 26 days after the date of issue, whichever is later.

Installment payments are due on the date printed on the statement.

Where do I send payment?

Deans & Homer
PO Box 2839
San Francisco, CA 94126-2839

Please be sure to write your policy number on your check.

How do I cancel my policy?

We prefer that your agent be the first point of contact. If you would prefer to contact us, or if you have difficulty getting in touch with your agent, please contact your nearest Deans & Homer office.

I've moved - how do I change my address?

We prefer that your agent be the first point of contact. If you would prefer to contact us, or if you have difficulty getting in touch with your agent, please contact your nearest Deans & Homer office.

Is Deans & Homer my insurance company?

No, Deans & Homer is the underwriting manager for your insurance company. We have the authority to perform all the underwriting, accounting, and claims functions on their behalf.

How come I have to have an agent? Why can't I work with you directly?

Your agent performs a valuable service for you in helping to determine the type of policy, limits of insurance, and coverage options you need. Your agent is also well placed to know which insurance companies can write policies which meet your needs.

I need a copy of my policy. Can you send it to me?

We always encourage you to communicate with your agent, but if you have trouble getting a copy then please contact us and we will help you get a copy.

How do I report a claim?

Please visit if you have renter’s insurance or storage insurance.

If you have commercial insurance, you should contact your agent. It is important that your agent know about the claim and direct your claim to the appropriate insurance company. You may have other insurance that could respond to your loss. If you have trouble reaching your agent and there is urgency to your situation, you may contact us directly and we will start the claim process with you.

You and your agent will gather information including your policy number, where the loss occurred, when it occurred, the kind of loss you suffered, and the severity of the damage or injury. We will also want to know the best way to contact you to arrange a meeting or site inspection.

I have reported a claim. What happens next?

Deans & Homer's staff will contact you to begin the claims process. An independent adjuster may assist in the investigation. The adjuster will often come out to inspect the damaged property to estimate the loss or investigate the scene of the accident.

You should make all reasonable efforts to protect your property from further loss without placing yourself or others at risk. Do not throw any important property away until you have had a chance to discuss the situation with our claims representative as it may be helpful in determining how the loss occurred.

If someone is injured or is making a claim against you, please talk to us before taking any action. You are always free to speak to your own attorney at your expense, but please do not speak to anyone else about the incident until we have had a chance to discuss the matter with you. If you have an incident report, photographs, or security film, please save that for us to review.

When do I get paid?

Once we have verified your coverage and determined the amount of the loss, we will pay you as quickly as possible.