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Deans & Homer provides a high quality renter's insurance product with expanded legal liability protection on a pre-approved basis for all residents at pre-approved apartment communities. We have also developed a system to help apartment managers monitor compliance with the insurance requirements of their rental agreements.


  • Communities must include 100 or more apartment units, with a paid manager on site.
  • Facility age should not exceed 20 years without substantial updating.
  • Lease or rental agreement provisions must require residents to be financially responsible for their personal property and property damage caused by their negligent acts.
  • All residents must be given the opportunity to participate in the program.
  • Communities must be well maintained and professionally managed, with no special hazards.
  • Gated security or other community protection measures may be required in urban areas.

If you have clients who would be a good fit for this program, contact us at (800) 548-1616 or email